good stuff

My last post may be full of whiny stuff, and there could easily be more where that came from, but there have been good things going on too. So here I am, reminding myself, because I haven’t done so recently. Plus I could use it right now. The snow is killin’ me.

  • I skipped my high school reunion a couple Saturdays ago. I do not regret it. Instead, I spent the evening watching Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion with Kate, Susanna, and Amanda. There was pizza, beer, peanut butter cups, and cat wine and exactly zero moments of pretending to care about people you don’t actually like.
  • We saw Cloud Cult at First Avenue on Saturday and they were incredible as always. I said at the time that seeing them live is a more spiritual experience than any church service I’ve ever attended. I stand by that statement.


  • The weather was amazing for a few days, so Enli and I celebrated with two trips to the dog park.

dog park

  • It’s my birthday! Here is a gif, made from last year’s birthday present from Kate.



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