gone quiet

I slept for 12 hours last night. Well, it was probably closer to 11, because I woke up around 8 to check for baby updates on Facebook and then read for a bit. Heather and Aaron’s baby boy was born this morning, right as the sun was rising. What a perfect time of day to be born.

I got out of bed at 1. Walked Enli, made some lunch, cleaned the kitchen floor, and parked in front of Netflix. Arrested Development, followed by a couple angsty dramedys about youth. 10:45 pm, I found myself standing over the kitchen table, eating brownies out of the pan.

What kind of day has it been.

I’m being dramatic because things are in flux and I don’t function well when that happens. Darren’s job ended suddenly last week so we’re scrambling. Of course this would happen right after we book a non-refundable vacation. Oh, we’re still going, but whether or not we have extra money to spend on fun while we’re there depends on either unemployment coming through or, ideally, a new job for him. Less ideally, a second job for me. Should’ve stayed at Macy’s a little longer, it seems. He has an informal interview thing on Tuesday, so cross your crossables.

I got this stripey Hefner-esque pajama top from Morgan at a clothing swap last Friday and I’ve been living in it ever since. I’d wear it to work if I could.

I keep writing and deleting more whiny sentences. I really hope things start improving.

Seems like a good time for some tea.



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