Cabin Weekend

Oh hey there.

I have many mosquito bites.

Fact: when I was in 4th or 5th grade I lost a spelling bee for misspelling mosquito and I have never spelled it wrong since.

Anyway, annual Kate’s Birthday Weekend Cabin Extravaganza was this past weekend. We – me and Kate, Rebekah, Becky, Susanna, Michelle, and Amanda – left Thursday evening and returned yesterday afternoon. Plus Heather came to visit on Friday and we got to meet baby Soren! He is the cutest.

Bek had to leave for a good chunk of the time because she double-booked us and had to go spend time with her family. Lame. The rest of us spent the weekend swimming, floating, drinking, and eating too many things cooked over the fire. I’m paying for it today, but regret nothing. Well, mostly. I maybe shouldn’t have eaten quite so much, but whatever. Cabin Weekend only happens once a year, so a day of suffering afterwards probably won’t kill me.

Here are some Instagram photos. I only took a few, because lazy.


Michelle and Kate

Michelle and Kate



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