Wizard World Day 1

I am sitting on a pretty comfy bed at a Marriott in the Chicago suburbs. Three of Darren’s nerd friends are trying to figure out how to hook their XBox up to the TV. There are snacks. We have just returned from the first day of Wizard World Comic Con.

Darren and I left our pets and our apartment in the hands of a friend (so don’t even try to rob us because she will kill you) and spent eight hours yesterday (our anniversary. woo!) on the Mega Bus. Cheap, yes, but not the best way to travel. There were not a lot of seats available when we boarded and that left us in a pretty uncomfortable space, and we were facing backwards. That coupled with Darren’s wrist fracture discomfort – he has a huge brace which he totally took off today even though he’s not supposed to, that crazy fuck – made for kind of an annoying time. Luckily he has a Percocet script, and hopefully we’ll get better seats on the way back.

Early morning on the bus.

Early morning on the bus.

Wisconsin hills.

Wisconsin hills.

Then, after much confusion regarding public transit downtown, we ended up taking an expensive cab ride to our first hotel. Hate cabs, by the way. Hate them so much. Taking the train back downtown on Sunday should be easier. Anyway, the first hotel was fine, perfectly well kept, but dated. No big. We found alcohol and Subway so we had a tasty/cheap anniversary dinner.

Watching Master Chef in our first hotel.

Watching Master Chef in our first hotel.

There was free cereal to eat this morning and the shuttle took us to the convention center for free. The downside was we had to check out at 11 (we dawdled until 11:30) and the convention didn’t open until 3:00.

line 1

So we waited in line. One was already forming when we arrived and although we spent three hours waiting in lines, it was surprisingly worth it. The line only got longer, so we got in ahead of lots of people. Plus the people watching was pretty excellent; I should have taken some photos. There was a Doctor Who family in the VIP line next to us. Dad was Fourth, little boy was Fifth, teenage daughter was Clara, and mom was Romana.

Once we got in, we wandered. Darren’s nerd friends (henceforth known as “The Boys”) were still on their way from Indiana, and we needed them before we could get to hotel #2, so we had to drag our luggage around with us.

There was a red carpet-style photo area, but we selfie'd it.

There was a red carpet-style photo area, but we selfie’d it.

Eventually the Boys arrived and we could ditch our luggage in the car. We wandered around more, made a few small purchases and took note of future potential ones. We’ve both got our eyes on lots of great nerdy art that I think is going to take over our hallway. Jordan bought Darren a James Hance print (h/t to Eric for introducing me to his art) and I’m trying to decide which one I want from the same booth.

After super tasty cheeseburgers but kind of slow service at Kings, (I missed getting in to a panel I wanted to see because it took so long for us to get our bill) we spent another 45 minutes at the convention, where I found the Doctor Who Store and this dalek.


When the convention closed, we returned to a dead car. Oops. The lot attendant helped jump the stupid thing and we made it to hotel #2, which I mentioned in the beginning is a Marriott and is pretty nice. We have a little balcony. The bed is soft and there is classy art. Vacation!

Nerds, nerding.

Nerds, nerding.

Next Up: Day Two.


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