Wizard World Day 2

Previously: Day One.

The convention floor opened at noon today. We got there a little before one o’clock and wandered some more. I picked up a couple posters at the Doctor Who Store and oggled John Barrowman at his signing booth across the aisle.

Darren and I ditched the Boys and grabbed lunch at the Five Roses Pub. Delicious food is delicious. Once we got back I hopped in line for Wil Wheaton’s Q & A thing. What a delightful human being.

A photo of the video screen.

A photo of the video screen.

Instagram style

Instagram style

After Wil imparted his nerdy wisdom upon us all, it was time for Stan Lee’s Q & A. The thing about Stan Lee is he’s 90 years old and ridiculous. Darren asked him a question and he totally copped out on the answer, but what can you do? He’s old and gives zero fucks.

Instagram version

Instagram version

Screen photo version

Screen photo version

Tomorrow is our last full day at the convention, and I’ve got a pretty decent list of things to see. Sunday we can hit it up for a couple hours before we head back downtown to catch the ol’ Mega Bus. Vacation is awesome but I miss Enli. Darren and I both have Monday off as well, which was a wise decision I think.

Obviously I’m posting a lot of photos on Instagram, so instead of reposting them all here I’ll just direct you to my account there. Good times, guys. Good times.

Next Up: Day Three.


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