Wizard World Day 3

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Today began with our being stuck at a railroad crossing for an absurdly long time, resulting in my being late for the John Barrowman Q & A. I saw most of it, but was standing in the way back so none of my pictures turned out. He sang. His parents were surprise guests and were completely hilarious. His mother said that if he had been the first born child, he would have been the last. Toward the end, he brought his husband on stage and they both dropped their pants, revealing superhero unders.

Since it was Saturday, the place was completely packed. It took a long time to find Darren and the Boys after the Q&A, but one I did we immediately went to lunch at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. After flaming cheese saganaki, drinks, and gyros, this was definitely our splurge meal and was completely worth it. Darren’s bloody mary was outstanding and I had a cucumber gimlet I hope to replicate.

There were two Doctor Who panels scheduled this weekend. Yesterday’s was two hours long and was listed as a celebration, so I expected more of a party. I showed up late to it anyway because of Stan Lee’s Q & A so I only stayed a few minutes. Today’s was a standard 45 minute panel. It was packed! The panelists were three people with a lot of Whoniverse knowledge, but the whole thing was a little bland over all. I’d rather sit around and talk with people, rather than just watching people talk.

In the end, I could have spent all my panel time with Wil Wheaton and John Barrowman and would have been thrilled. I cannot say enough good things about either of them.

Most of the day we just walked around taking pictures. Darren decided he was going to take photos with cosplay girls and try to look awkward in all of them. Most of the pictures are on Darren’s phone/Facebook, but this is the gist:


the “hover-hand” was a big part of his schtick.

I hung out with Jay and Silent Bob.

j sb

Please note my outfit. Later in the day, we were checking out a booth and some random guy came up and asked if he could take a picture of me. I was startled and confused by the request and all I managed was “Me? No.” He was nice about it and after the initial shock I felt bad for not pointing out that I wasn’t in costume or anything, because maybe he thought I was? But my mental reflex was something more like “what the fuck who are you why would you want to take a picture of just some woman standing around is it because my dress is short OMG” and I was creeped out. Sorry, random dude. My answer would still be no, but sorry I didn’t explain why.

We’ve basically seen the whole convention several times over and most of the Boys were ready to roll out, so we came back to the hotel early. Darren, Dougal (his mom seriously named him Dougal), and Austin are doing their nightly gaming here in our room while my kindred-food-loving-spirit Jordan sleeps in the Boys’ room. I’m hanging out with my new friend Tiny Tenth Doctor.

We have a few more hours at Con tomorrow before Darren and I hop on a train back downtown and catch our MSP-bound Mega Bus. Not excited for that trip, but it will be good to be home.

Next Up: Wizard World Wrap-Up


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