Wizard World Wrap-Up

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I actually don’t have much left to say. We arrived home at about 11:30 last night after a long day of travel.

After checking out of the hotel yesterday morning, the five of us and our luggage crammed into Austin’s car (Austin’s mom’s car, actually) and headed to the convention center one more time. We ate first, because we were starving and Adobe Gila’s opened at 11. it was 11:15 and we were the first customers. Tacos!

While all of our meals on this trip were delicious, I wish we’d had more of a chance to explore Chicago’s culinary scene. We just stuck with what was in walking distance from the convention center. Next trip, perhaps.

We only spent an hour at the convention. We wandered the entirety of Artists’ Alley, Darren made one more purchase, and then we were off to catch the train downtown.

CTA’s blue line makes me appreciate our smooth, modern light rail even more. But it was much better (read: cheaper and faster) than a goddamn cab ride.

We made it to the Mega Bus with about ten minutes to spare, and scored better seats. Eight and a half hours later we were back in St. Paul.

I would absolutely go again, but I think next time we will fly. Maybe we’ll hit up another city? there are nerd conventions all over the country so the options are plentiful. For now, I am happy to finish up the summer at home in MN. Although I do wish I didn’t have to work… back at that tomorrow.


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