documenting gluttony

So, the State Fair happened. Actually it is happening now, but we – the Wulfs and I – went on opening day. We looked at stuff, but mostly we ate, as per usual. Let’s see if I can remember everything we had.

  • mini cinnamon rolls
  • footlong hotdog
  • mini donuts
  • three flavors of beef jerky/sticks
  • fried green tomatoes
  • 1919 root beer
  • bacon wrapped shrimp (on a stick)
  • two beer flights
  • bloomin’ onion
  • Tremblay’s chocolates
  • all-you-can-drink milk
  • Turkey to Go sandwiches
  • sundaes from the dairy building
  • lobster mac & cheese
  • coffee/tea break at one point
  • cheesecake on a stick
  • dosant/cronut
  • porketta wings
  • sausage on a stick
  • cannoli
  • double bacon corn dog
  • english toffee fudge puppy
  • more beer
  • sweet corn ice cream
  • cream puffs
  • bull bites
  • some kind of delicious sandwich
  • second footlong

I think that’s the complete list? Close to it, at least. My vote for best new fair food goes to Mancini’s. They serve the sausage on a stick and the porketta wings, plus a bunch of other probably wonderful meaty items. Skip the bacon wrapped shrimp. The lobster mac was pasta, a little bit of lobster, and what we suspect was nacho cheese. Meh.

I am already looking forward to next year.


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