mr. and mrs. johnston

My twin brother is getting married today. Three years ago he was my Brother of Honor, and today I’ll be returning the favor as his Sister of Honor. I thought maybe I’d surprise myself and mange to hold it together, but I’m already a little teary.

wedding twinkle


Obviously, as twins, we have known each other longer than anyone else ever could. I wasn’t sure he would ever get married and honestly I’m not sure he was either. But after he had been with Jenna for a little while and I saw them together, I knew it would happen in time.

They’re so funny together. You can tell they’re best friends, but they’re also the good kind of couple who doesn’t forsake their other friends.

Kyle finally popped the question last summer. By that point, no one was surprised.

I’m a little nervous for him today. He’s shy in big crowds and I’m hoping he doesn’t pass out or vomit. I watched him almost faint while getting his tattoo, so this is a legit concern. Adrenaline is a bitch.

So at the end of the day Kyle and Jenna will be hitched and I get a new sister. This is a pretty big win for me. My other sisters-in-law are just about to turn 19, and they live in South Carolina and are not as awesome as Jennafer. She’s been family for six years, so I’m excited for her to officially be a Johnston.

I love you guys. Congratulations!

photo shamelessly lifted from Jenna's facebook

photo shamelessly lifted from Jenna’s facebook



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