parent of virtues

It’s been a while since I posted about being grateful. I’m okay with that, since it was getting to the point where it was pretty much the same things with every post. But today feels like a nice day to remind myself.

  • Work has been good to me this week. Ticketmaster offered us a few tickets to the Vikings game on Sunday and I was the only one who wanted them, so I brought Darren and his friend Mark to the game. They were Touchdown Club tickets, which meant free food and drinks and the cushiest seats ever.

td club

  • Also I got a little bit of a raise. Little is better than zero. Plus praise, which rules.
  • Kyle and Jenna are married now. New sister-in-law win!


I cried a few times, mostly because Kyle cried. Betrayal! Brother tears are kryptonite.

  • Got to see my family and some high school friends at the wedding, which was an excellent bonus.
  • We’re going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. It’s the last day so everyone will probably be out of the good mead, but I don’t even care.
  • The weather has been lovey. Sometimes there’s nothing better than that.

Darren is working in Wisconsin today and at least part of tomorrow (and possibly into Sunday, which will complicate Fest plans but I’m definitely still going) to make up for missing work all of last week due to a major communication fail on the part of his bosses. So we are temporarily super poor, but what can you do. We already have our Fest tickets so no big. I plan on spending tonight and tomorrow doing next to nothing, except watching Netflix and working on yarn-related projects. It shall be glorious, although I’ll totally miss his stupid furry face.


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