early inheritance

My grandma is moving in with her sister at the end of the month, which means she has a lot of stuff she no longer has room for. When she came up for the wedding she brought me and Kyle each a box of assorted things. It’s mostly dishes, actually, so now I have an absurd amount of beautiful dinnerware and no room for it but in Rubbermaid tubs in our storage closet. This particular set is blue and white Currier & Ives china. I didn’t go through all of it, but it’s in decent shape as far as I can tell. Just a few chips here and there. The box also included a random Homer Laughlin “Virginia Rose” platter. They’re the same company that makes Fiestaware, so that’s cool.


Some of the C&I pieces and the HL platter.

She also gave me a set of pots, which have replaced our chipping Teflon ones, and some silverware. This means we have a proper silverware set now. Our other set, which she also gave us, was perfectly good but the numbers were all wonky. We had four forks (seriously), eleven teaspoons, five knives, and I don’t know how many table spoons. Now we have a proper eight of each – even salad forks! – and they’re vintage and pretty.


Kitchen things are my favorite. Obviously grandma knows me well; actually I’m pretty sure I get that particular interest from her. She taught me how to bake and that was that.

Ugh, we need a bigger place and a china hutch, clearly. Somebody buy me this.


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