It was snowing on my way to work this morning. Just flurries, nothing substantial yet. Sorry to my friends in the north who got real accumulation over the weekend. Unless you’re into snow in October, then you can keep it. I find this time of year to be a bit difficult, in that I don’t ever want to leave the house and basically just want to eat a lot and hibernate until April or so.

I’ve been up to a bit of miscellaneous nonsense lately. Barenaked Ladies played at one of our theatres earlier this month and their promoter offered staff comps (which doesn’t happen often), so Darren and I went for the nostalgia. They have a new album out, but they know what people like and played their old mega-hits too.

Kate and I trekked up to the middle of nowhere two weekends ago for Kelsey’s birthday. We got lost twice but it was worth the trip. Kels was house-sitting at this incredible place that is basically perfect except it is very far away from a Target. Quality time and foods and drinking games made for a delightful evening. Plus I ate the most delicious apple. Trust me when I say this apple was worth the mention.

Amanda threw an alter egos party at Casa Como on Saturday. The idea was dreamed up at the Stews and Brews party that Kate and Susanna had hosted earlier this year. We dig theme parties, obviously. Kate and I busted out Shawna and Donna, our inner loud Bostonian ladies, and Darren participated as my – Donna’s – Southie boyfriend John. We collectively won the ribbon for funniest costume(s?), which I think was aided by the Red Sox game that was occurring as the party happened. And now I desperately want the Sox to win the World Series.

I’ve been continuing my knitting when time allows. I made a bit of progress on Darren’s scarf this weekend. In other domestic proceedings, I re-potted my spider plant and I am concerned that it might not be appreciative. It has been fertilized and watered, so I am just keeping a close eye on it.

Speaking of plants, I acquired three air plants which arrived in the mail today. They are hanging out in a coffee cup until it’s time to go home. I actually drove in today, which is somewhat rare, so clearly it worked out perfectly and the little guys won’t have to be subjected to the cold coldness while I wait for buses.

Air plants in their temporary coffee cup home.

Air plants in their temporary coffee cup home.


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