Darren’s dad had a stroke two weeks ago. He went back to work yesterday, so apparently he’s okay, but D had his mind set on making the trip down to South Carolina and he finally booked his flights today.

So I get to take him to the airport at the asscrack of dawn on Thursday (legit. His flight leaves at 6 am), and I’ll pick him up after work on Tuesday. I wish I could go with, but the money, dude. It’s expensive to fly from MSP to Charlotte, even with layovers both ways. He could’ve booked months out and it wouldn’t have been any cheaper. Plus the logistics and added expense of pet care? Meh, I will stay home. I think my in-laws think I don’t like them. Quit living so far away, y’all!

The real question is, what will I do with my three-day weekend now? No Darren. Car to myself. I’m thinking a little jaunt to Ikea is in order. Buy discounted Valentine’s candy on Saturday and eat it all. Woo, I party hard.

UPDATE: His flight got canceled and he was put on a new flight Friday afternoon, because of the weather happening on the East coast. Hooray for not having to wake up hella early on Thursday.


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