Birthday stuffs

Tuesday night I was digging around for something that I never did manage to find, but in the process I came across a folder I had forgotten about. In it, I found miscellaneous items and a photocopy of my mom’s pregnancy notes. How timely!

preg journal 1 preg journal 2

It’s hard to read, so I’ve transcribed below (I am twin B, Kyle is twin A). Happy birthday to me (and Kyle)!

Went to the doctor for 1st time on Dec 24, 1984. Found out I was 16 weeks pregnant. Gained 11 lbs. Uterus measurement was 19 cm. Told mom & dad (surprised but happy).

Next appt was Jan 24, 1985. 20 weeks pregnant, gained 3 lbs. Uterus measurement was 27 cm. Ultrasound to be done tomorrow.

Jan 25, 1985. Had ultrasound done. Baby/ies head was 50 mm. 19.8 weeks pregnant with TWINS (shocked for me & folks. mark too).

Next appt was Feb 21, 1985. Lower back pain due to pressure on it. Uterus measuring 33 cm. Gained 5 lbs. Another ultrasound may be done next month. 

March 25. Another ultrasound done, both growing fine. 7 months along. Blood sugar (March 24th) count low in iron. Extra iron pills to take. Next visit to doctor B’s head under ribs. A kicking B in face. Next appt April 11. Started seeing weekly.

May 1, born at St. Francis LaCrosse. 

Kyle 4# 10 1/2 oz. 18 inches long, born at 11:20 am.
Katrina 3# 13 oz. 16 3/4 inches long, born at 11:21 am.

I weighed 185 going in. Weighed 148 eight days later.

C-section done. Mark not there. Good story behind this.

Was working out of town at Camp McCoy. They moved but I did not know. Gary called McCoy and told them that I went in. Guys not working there but one ranger went out looking for them. Found them. They were done working and ranger went up and asked for Mark. He told the ranger who he was and [ranger] told him he was a father of a boy and a girl. They had enough beer in the truck to all have one for us!!!

it was hard in LaCrosse while in labor but when they had me in the operating room I was too scared to know it. Better when I woke up. That I can remember. HA HA.

All in all it was great carrying you two!!


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