the haps

It feels like a lot has been going on in the last three weeks, but not much of it has been very exciting.

Darren started a job as a plumber’s apprentice at the end of April. It’s part-time right now, just because that’s how the work load is. It’ll pick up to full-time in the summer. His boss, Jeff, runs the business alone and Darren is his first employee. For an apprenticeship, Darren will have to register with the state and there’s mandatory schooling involved. I think it’s 144 hours per year for five years, then a test. He hasn’t registered yet, but will soon. He’s still doing the delivery thing part-time about four nights a week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Although who knows how long it’s going to be before we can really judge anything, because poor Baxter developed a hernia last week. He saw the doctor on Monday. She said he was very lucky; it’s minor enough that he doesn’t need surgery, just a lot of rest. Which means he can’t work for a bit. He has a follow-up next week, so here’s hoping the thing gets better instead of worse. We can handle him not working for a couple weeks, but if he ends up needing surgery then who knows.

What else? Had more work done on the car a couple weekends ago. Wheel bearing, blah blah. Darren’s boss has a mechanic buddy who did the work for much less than shop labor would have cost, so that was awesome, but he’s in Coon Rapids. His house is like two blocks from Kyle and Jenna’s, so Kyle met us there and we had lunch, then he brought us home. What an excellent brother.

We assumed we were going to be car-less until the next day, but it was finished later that afternoon. Getting back out to CR was a friggin’ ordeal. The amount of time it took to find someone willing to help us out was rather depressing.

We’re trying to work out a time in the near future to go visit my grandparents in Wisconsin. Probably next weekend? I guess Darren may or may not be able to make it because hernia, but at least Kyle, Jenna, and I will go. Fingers crossed Darren can come too.

Someone destroyed the washer and dryer in our building last week, so we have to do laundry elsewhere until they’re replaced. Last night we went to the home of some pals so the dogs could play, we could grill, and our clothes could get washed. It was fun, but I hope our machines get taken care of soon. Hauling that stuff around is annoying.

That’s about it. Summer hours start this week at work, so we close a couple hours early on Fridays for the next few months. And this weekend is a long one, thanks to the holiday on Monday. Three day weekend with no plans? Sounds like a dream.


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