Summertime, and the living is… easy?

Here’s a quick list of ALL THE THINGS, in no particular order.

We made it down to Wisconsin to see the grandparents. That was over a month ago, on June 7. Grandma is not doing well- at the time she was still staying at a care facility, but they were able to bring her home recently. A nurse comes to the house four hours a day. I’m glad we made it down; it had been far too long. We were able to celebrate grandma and grandpa’s 63rd anniversary with them (anniversary was June 8) which was very special.


Grandpa told us we should “take something to remember grandma,” which was a little awkward. She’s still alive. Still, this little glass chicken dish caught my eye, and now it’s in our living room.

wee chicken

Darren lost his plumbing job yesterday, only because his boss decided he doesn’t like having to teach him everything. He still works for Papa John’s, so it’s not like we’re suddenly in a financial panic. He intends to go through the process of getting a union apprenticeship, so I think in the end it will work out in his favor. Cross your fingers he passes all the tests! That said, if we turn down plans, please know it’s only because we’re trying to avoid spending money. Feel free to come over and drink at our place.

I had a four-day weekend for Independence Day. I learned that I only enjoy fireworks from a safe distance, so when we went to a party that involved yard explosions I spent most of the evening inside with the dogs (our dog and a friend’s). No regrets. Brenna was in town that weekend for her dad’s 60th birthday, and we were able to get together on Sunday. We went to the beach, then to Grumpy’s Bar in Roseville where Tara met us. Afterwards, we headed back to the Muddy Pig in St. Paul where we were joined by Sean, Dave, and of course Darren.


I told you this was in no particular order.

Last night I took Kate, Rebekah, and Michelle to RiffTrax Live: Sharknado. They broadcast from one of our – my company’s – theatres and I managed to get us comps. I was the only one that had seen the movie previously, but I tend to forget a lot about movies if I have only seen them once (and often twice, or even three times…). That plus the riffing made for mega good times.



Now it is Friday. This coming Tuesday I am dragging Darren with me to see Welcome To Night Vale on tour, because they’re coming to another one of our theatres and once again I was able to nab some comps. Until then, I think I’m going to spend some time binge-watching House on Netflix. Haters to the left.


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