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As evidenced by my 30 by 30 list, I have been wanting to dye my hair again for quite some time. I think the last time I did was in college. I’d been considering it off and on since then, but was never able to make a decision. Also I didn’t want to go to a salon because $$$. I’m all about the box color, y’all.

Um. Anyway, I read about eSalon on a message board, and saved it in the ol’ memory file. The gist is that you answer some questions about your hair, choose your color, and their stylists customize it for you based on your answers.

Here’s the ridiculous photo I uploaded to eSalon during the questionnaire:

hair before

I also had it cut recently, and got rid of the asymmetrical swoopy thing I had going on.

The color that I ended up choosing was “Darkest Brown Red Mahogany.”

via eSalon

via eSalon

Yes. So dark, so interesting. Spoiler alert: this isn’t quite how mine tuned out!

My order arrived yesterday and, instead of waiting for the weekend like I’d originally planned, I dove in. If you’ve ever dyed your own hair before, the process is the same. Thanks to my short hair, it was extra simple- minus the rinsing process, which still took forever and made my bathtub look like a crime scene.

Wee! Here’s the result:

bande 2

The difference is much greater in person, I think. Depending on the light it might look purpley, reddish, or nearly black. I’m kind of obsessed. Mission accomplished!

PS, if you decide to try eSalon, your first order is only $10 plus shipping. And if you use my link, I get a little deal too. Everybody wins.


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