lift with your legs

Darren’s birthday party was last night. It was held in the back yard of the house of some friends. Tons of people showed up – apparently Darren is very popular. There was one major problem, though. We went splitsies with Tara on a keg from Summit, which she brought over shortly before the party began. Darren got it out of her car himself, which was a mistake as he promptly threw out his back. The pain only got worse as the night went on. We left earlier than anticipated, although the party was winding down so really he was able to stick it out for the most part. He’s still sore today but with some improvement. There were a lot of “that’s what happens when you get old” comments, which… yeah. Helpful.

Meanwhile, I am typing this out on our tablet because my beloved laptop is disassembled. A few days ago the display went wonky and it seemed like the connection might be loose. I hooked up an external monitor earlier today but that whole setup was a nightmare. Darren took the laptop apart tonight and discovered that the display cable needs to be replaced. He accidentally broke the keyboard in the process, so that’ll need to be replaced too. Bu it’ll be like a $50 repair, which is obviously better than a several hundred dollar replacement.

So I guess it’s been an interesting couple days. Yep.


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