curse the darkness

I was minding my own business Thursday night when I heard a loud crash, which was followed by darkness. A tree branch/half of an entire tree fell and ripped the power lines off our building.

20150918_070606 So that was exciting. Xcel came out right away to cut off the power to the downed lines so nothing would catch fire, but told us it might be a few days before power was restored to the building due to the extensive damage.

We ended up sitting out on the stoop with our neighbors from across the hall, sharing the contents of our liquor cabinets. Sleep was rough without the sweet white noise of a fan, but I managed a few hours. Our landlords ended up getting the power going again about 18 hours after it went out, so there were lights and such when I got home from work on Friday. I’ve heard it may be a temporary fix because some repairs may have to be done before the permanent lines get replaced, but I’ll take it. No TV or internet though, because of course Comcast’s setup is in the same spot where the tree fell. So much for my weekend of Netflix. Comcast did come out yesterday morning though, so all was not lost. The food in our freezer even survived, but I did have to toss some stuff from the fridge. Not the end of the world.

Now maintenance just needs to remove the tree and fix the gutter. Then we’ll be all set.


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