the long story of our busted car

The heat in our car died last weekend. Darren called the shop on Monday and I dropped it off early Tuesday morning. It was all fixed in time for Darren to get to work Wednesday afternoon. The cost was several hundreds of dollars. It is basically a sad tradition for us to have costly vehicle repairs at Christmastime- this was the case with our last vehicle as well.

Last night I had just arrived at a Christmas party with a bunch of my favorite friends, when I got two texts from Darren. He was at work. The texts said “Call me now” and “NOW” and I told Kate that if something else on the car had broken I was going to flip my shit. What actually happened was Darren was out on a delivery and had parked. He was still in the car when a moving van backed into him.


The police (as well as Darren’s employer) were called and Darren made his delivery. Might as well get the job done while you wait, eh? The guy who hit him invited him inside to keep warm. Apparently it was a little awkward (lol, no shit), but the guy was decent and thankful that Darren was being so chill about the whole situation. Even though this guy at first was all “do we really need to call the cops though?” YES. YES YOU DO. Anyway, St. Anthony police showed up first and couldn’t do anything because the accident actually occurred in St. Paul. Eventually the correct department arrived and a report was filed. It was determined that the other driver was completely at fault, so score one for us. Darren didn’t want to wait another hour+ for a tow truck to arrive so he managed to hobble the car home. His manager sent another driver to pick him up and bring him to the shop. He made sure Darren got dinner, and they filled out an incident report. The bartender gave him a drink on the house because clearly everyone there is SO NICE YOU GUYS. His manager offered to set Darren up with a ride home, but his friend was on the way.

He’re another thing. Whenever either of us have had to call our insurance company for anything, they are always just incredibly awesome. The woman he spoke with last night was so great Darren told her supervisor to give her a raise. She called back and said she was going to be the adjuster on our claim. Hooray!

While all this was happening, I was at this party contemplating what the hell we were going to do. Darren needs a car for work and as you may know they are also super handy for life in general. Plus it’s Christmas time, so. Eventually I remembered that Kyle has two vehicles and I shot him a hopeful text. My brother, my hero. He’s going to let us borrow one of ’em. I owe him so many burritos!

At the end of the day, this is all a huge pain in the ass that magically could not be going more smoothly– so far, at least. Who knows what happens from here. Plus if the car is totaled then we’re pretty pissed about the brand new blower motor we just had put in. But nobody was hurt and we’re going to be able to live our lives in the meantime. That’s somethin’.


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