gotta start somewhere

This weekend we moved some things over to the house. Nothing too exciting, just stuff out of our storage closet, a box of books, and a few kitchen items we don’t have any immediate need for. Friday we brought his parents over. They gave us a lawn mower they happened to have, so that’s awesome. We also met a neighbor – an old German lady who lives on the other side of the alley.

Saturday night while Darren was at Metallica, I went over and lined the drawers in the kitchen and unpacked some dishes. This took a lot longer than you might think.



Today Darren mowed the lawn and I replaced the shower head. Ha.



We met another neighbor too! Judy, who lives across the street with her husband Chuck.

Tomorrow while I’m at work, Darren plans on picking up another load of supplies from his parents (painting stuff, a ladder, etc) and then bringing his friend Dan over to help caulk the gaps in the baseboards and trim (which are not original to the house). Old house, uneven walls, blah blah.

Here’s the rest of the list, as she currently stands. Some of this can and will wait until after we’ve moved in.

  • fill misc. holes in walls
  • caulk baseboards and trim
  • cover crawl space access so the cats can’t get in
  • clean out the random stuff that’s still in the basement
  • install ceiling fans in dining space and kitchen
  • murder all the weeds & poison ivy in the backyard gardens
  • also murder weeds growing through the patio and driveway
  • add screens to front porch windows
  • repair screen on back door
  • repair garage door
  • replace back steps
  • install gutter or gutter alternative in back
  • replace missing trim in stairwell


  • Living/dining room walls AND ceiling
  • Half bath
  • Office
  • Master bedroom
  • Closets
  • Back Porch
  • all the baseboards and trim need a fresh coat
  • touch up… pretty much everywhere else

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