gettin’ our paint on

Yas, more stuff is getting done and I’m so happy.

Darren and I didn’t make it up to the house until like 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Not ideal, but we still had time to get some stuff accomplished. While Darren mowed the lawn, I hung new bathroom hardware (a TP holder and a towel ring). Then I finished painting the bedroom. Finally, since he had run out of primer earlier this week, Darren and I finished the second coat of primer on the living/dining room ceiling.

Today we did some primer touch-ups because Darren decided that would be a thing. He still wants to do another coat, so he and Dan can do that tomorrow if they want. We also painted a first coat on half of the office. We probably could’ve done the whole thing, but sometimes ya need a break.

I finally took some pictures and remembered to grab the color names. Ready for a couple before and afters?

Here’s the half bath back when it was orange:

And here it is in Behr’s “Pencil Sketch.” I’m on the hunt for a new mirror.


The master bedroom was previously yellowy tan:

house 11

Now it is Behr “Valley of Glaciers” (which is way lighter on their website for some reason).


The office was blue-ish, or so it seemed:

house 08

But the old color looks a lot more grey next to Behr “Big Surf.”

office-paint-01 office-paint-02

Whew! We’re getting closer. The living room is going to be painted in “Tower Bridge,” which also looks way different online than it does in person (at least on some computers, whatever), with more green tones but not quite teal. With any luck, Darren and Dan will finish the ceiling so we can get started on the walls in that giant space. The office I could knock out myself if I need to (I did the bedroom solo and clearly killed it). Every other room needs touching up, but that’s all little stuff that we can do once we’re actually living there. Soooooon.


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