the move! it’s happening!

All the big paint jobs in the house are done, and we have decided that this Saturday is moving day. We’ve reserved a U-Haul, and our internet service is scheduled to switch. Some stuff has already been moved, but boy do we still have a lot to pack.

This past Saturday, Darren and his dad fixed the garage door (again, but probably for real this time?) while I painted the living room. Darren’s friend Justin came over and helped clean up some of the paint dribbles from when Darren was heavy-handed with the paint sprayer during the ceiling-priming process. Dan and Rich came over later, and they painted around the baseboards and trim while I took the roller to the walls. In the end, the ceiling got two coats of white (on top of two coats of primer! Yikes), and the walls got two coats of Tower Bridge.

By the time we finished it was too dark for photos, so all I have is this blurry sneak peek that Darren took yesterday when he was there dropping off a car load of boxes:


I am obsessed. Proper photos to come.

Our post-move-in to-do list is still pretty long.

  • Paint closets
  • Buy or make curtains in lieu of closet doors
  • Most of the windows will need new curtains too
  • Touch-up paint in entryway and kitchen
  • Caulk baseboards & trim
  • Paint a fresh coat of white on baseboards and trim
  • Install ceiling fan in dining space (eventually we’ll put one in the kitchen, too)
  • Clean out random basement junk
  • Repair screens
  • Murder all the weeds
  • Paint the back porch
  • Replace back steps (lol, maybe next year)
  • Buy some damn rugs
  • ….and so much more!

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