taking stock

Hey dudes. I saw this “Taking Stock” post over on Making it Lovely (the idea seems to have started with Meet Me at Mikes) , and I liked the idea/I love lists. I was probably due for an update anyway, so here goes!

Making: nothing, but I could probably make the handkerchiefs I have fabric for.
Cooking: whatever I can scrounge up. Grocery shopping this weekend!
Drinking: coffee and water.
Reading: I just stared HP & the Order of the Phoenix. It’s been a while since my last series re-read.
Trawling: anywhere on the internet I can find a doorbell.
Wanting: an endless supply of dollars.
Looking: for a bedroom rug.
Deciding: how much I want to spend on a rug, hahaha.
Wishing: see “Wanting.”
Enjoying: the shorter commute I have now.
Waiting: for 5pm.
Liking: my Harry Potter re-read.
Wondering: if I should have a movie marathon once I finish the books.
Loving: the weather this week!
Pondering: curtains.
Listening: to the sounds of the office at the moment.
Considering: yard work.
Buying: dental work, soon- gettin’ a couple cavities filled, boo.
Watching: so much good TV lately! The Good Place is a new show worth mentioning.
Hoping: the election goes the way I’d like it to.
Marveling: at all the leaves on the ground (but also thinking some people need to rake).
Cringing: about the dentist appointment I have this afternoon.
Needing: a rug in the bedroom.
Questioning: how to answer some of these.
Smelling: nothing at the moment. Maybe my coffee?
Wearing: jeans and a sweatshirt, same ol’ same ol’.
Following: so many house blogs.
Noticing: the things people wear to job interviews sometimes, holy moly…
Knowing: the election will be over soon.
Thinking: this thing is hard!
Admiring: drawing a blank here, sadly.
Getting: nervous about the dentist even though I know it’ll be fine.
Bookmarking: Christmas gift ideas.
Disliking: all the political ads on TV.
Opening: multiple tabs of things to read.
Giggling: at the list I just encountered.
Feeling: a little sleepy, a little antsy.
Helping: only myself today.
Hearing: people in the conference room.
Celebrating: Friday! Oh, also the Cubs I suppose.
Pretending: winter isn’t coming.
Embracing: fall, at least for now.


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