30 by 30

I turned thirty on May 1, 2015. I had seen these “30 by 30” lists before, but was mostly inspired by Sandy at reinventingsandyb.com (she’s awesome, btw. Go read!).

So, because I love lists and accomplishment, I made a list of thirty things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turn thirty. While I did not accomplish all of them, I definitely had fun trying. The ones I missed are just things to do in he future.

1. Swim in the ocean. Holy crap, I did it.

2. Get fit. This is vague but it pretty much means “get to a point where I’m satisfied with how I look physically.” Mission accomplished. I’m in the best shape of my life. 

3. Love my skin. Find the right skincare regimen and makeup for me. Treat it well, because it’s all that’s protecting my precious organs and I think I owe it favors. Done but not blogged. Maybe soon?

4. Take myself on a date. Or maybe several. Go to dinner and a movie by myself because I am awesome. Donezo.

5. Take a cake decorating class. – Didn’t manage this one. I kept looking for classes that worked with my schedule but I could just never get it to happen. Some day!

6. Get fancy. Get all gussied up and go out and do something. Anything, even if it’s just a picnic. A classy picnic. – Never got around to this one either.

7. Make something I can wear, from start to finish. And not just a scarf or whatever- mayhaps a dress. I crocheted a sweater.

8. Get over the driving thing. Completed but not blogged. Womp.

9. Go on a real vacation. Complete! Twice, even!

10. Find my “perfect” shade of lipstick. Partially done, maybe? Revlon “Rose & Shine” for daytime.

11. Pay off credit cards. Whoop whoop.

12. Learn to knit. Success.

13. Buy something from Anthropologie. I love their products but they are an investment. – Meh. I feel like I made this list before I discovered World Market. They have similar home goods for better prices, and Antrho’s clothes don’t really match my style anymore. I do have my eye on some of their perfumes though.

14. Go one month without making any unnecessary purchases. I realize this contradicts #13.  I think I did this, but over four consecutive weeks rather than one calendar month. Hm.

15. Dye my hair. Done.

16. Make gnocchi. This happened but I failed to blog about it. I made sweet potato gnocchi from KERF.

17. Cook a three-course (or more!) meal. Done, and it was delicious.

18. Replace the ugly chair. This one shouldn’t be TOO hard. Completed.

19. Stay in a fancy hotel and order room service. – Nope.

20. Renew my passport. – Nope. I’ll get around to it.

21. Go on a brewery tour. I don’t know how I haven’t done this yet. – Still haven’t, but I do have a gift certificate for a distillery tour that’s gonna get used soon!

22. Get new glasses. Completed. Twice!

23. Make truffles. Delicious.

24. Buy a Vespa… and/or replace current vehicle. New car, whoop!

25. Be within reach of home ownership. I couldn’t say “buy a house” because three years may not be a reasonable timeline for us. Maybe, but it’s not something to rush into. Obviously. – Hm. Not quite, but we have certainly gotten more responsible financially over the last few years.

26. Take an awesome trip with my bestie. – No trip, but lost of good times!

27. Get a tattoo. – Not yet. Got a couple ideas though!

28. Make cheeseYaaas!

29. Try aerial yoga. I’m going to do this a lot more.

30. Create a “signature dish.” – I made a lot of new recipes over the course of this project, but they were all at least based on internet recipes. Nothing signature worthy.


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