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things that made my year 2017

A bit delayed, but that’s pretty much my MO. You know how this goes by now. In no particular order, a bunch of things that made last year less of a dumpster fire.

  1. our gardens
  2. Madeline the pupper, even though she still has so much of the devil in her I considered leaving her off this list.
  3. Enli the angel dog baby
  4. Cloud Cult performing The Seeker live
  5. the Women’s March
  6. this tweet
  7. impressively accurate tarot reading at Darren’s company party (hopefully not too accurate though)
  8. Galentine’s Day
  9. this amazing picture we unearthed at work during our office move
  10. Nazis getting punched
  11. Patrick Stewart and his foster dog, Ginger
  12. basically any dog gif or video
  13. Supernatural
  14. What If All I Want is a Mediocre Life?
  15. Father Mustache
  16. house plants I can keep alive
  17. “Catch him, Derry!”
  18. Saints games
  19. jalepeno cheese curds
  20. the dog park
  21. two Fair trips
  22. eclipse hype
  23. Zip-lining in the Dells
  24. Waterpark hotel with a giant tub on same Dells vacation
  25. Home Service Plus
  26. The free gym my office building added
  27. Getting a signed shirt from Katrina of the Waves
  28. Stranger Things/MN Science Museum hoodies
  29. Hating on the upcoming Super Bowl
  30. ridiculous Christmas sweaters
  31. getting things I really wanted for Christmas
  32. Roku
  33. The coziness of our house when it’s decorated for Christmas
  34. This sign
  35. One of our theatres got nominated for a Billboard award