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making plans

This morning, Kelsey posted a list of goals for the upcoming season(s) and you know what, it’s a good idea. Winter for me is generally a time for hibernation/TV watching, but there are a few things I’d like to accomplish:

  • square off the kitchen ceiling hole and fit a patch for it (leak has still not been repaired, patch will be removable)
  • paint the upstairs bathroom
  • hang a plant or two in the living room
  • work on Madeline’s obedience training (puppy classes start on the 30th!)
  • finally post about the guest room, which has been painted and furnished for months

I didn’t actually expect most of these things to be house related, but of course they are. Cold weather is for indoor activities, and home stuff is what I default to if I’m not on the couch. Maybe having this list in the world will help keep me accountable.

Happy Sweater Season!


this is turning into the headstand chronicles

So in addition to working on my tripod headstand (poorly illustrated in the post below), I also want (/wanted. spoiler alert: totally did it) to learn to do a bound headstand. That’s the one where you keep your forearms on the floor and wrap your hands around the back of your head, forming a triangle. I can do it against a wall no problem, so after doing that for a bit I started bringing my feet away from the wall to work on balance.

Again though, my issue is knowing exactly where my feet are when they’re above me. This time Darren told me (should’ve had him do that yesterday for the tripod version, derp), but I need to be able to discern it for myself. One step at a time!

Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to break down all my headstand-doing into step-by-step processes.

With the tripod, once you get your head and hands positioned properly, you balance your knees on your elbows (as shown two posts ago) and then push your legs into the air.

For the bound headstand, once your head and arms are in place, you do sort of a downward facing dog with the rest of your body and then slowly walk your feet toward your torso, then tuck in a knee. Then you have to muscle your other leg into the tuck, and then unroll your legs upward. I managed it a couple times tonight, with the wall behind me in case I started to fall in that direction.

bound headstand

Really, headstands are something pretty much anyone can pull off if they put a little effort in. But I’m pretty excited about it anyway. What other awesome things can I make my body do?

Today I was like “it’s been a while since I tried to do crow, I wonder if I can?”

And I did. So then I thought, “what comes after crow?”


I plan to eventually turn this into an actual headstand. It’s good to have goals.

Le 30 by 30

I’m embarking on a new project.

As you probably know, I’m a few years away from turning thirty. In honor of that, as well as the general idea of having goals, I’ve decided to jump on board the thirty-before-thirty bandwagon.

My own 30 by 30 list is being created. It’s not complete yet, but since I’ve already started working on it I figured I’d go ahead and post what I had.

I’ve started the skincare stuff. Plus the exercising, of course.

This might actually be a thing I write about, as opposed to just quietly checking things off a list like I have been with the 101 project. Won’t that be fun? It could be.

So there you have it. I’m doing another thing. Also, taking suggestions for list ideas.


I have all these GIFs saved for appropriate tumblr posts (shuddup) and I really like this one. That is all.