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this post is about coffee, not headstands

The summer before I went to college, I worked as a barista. Obviously not a long stint, but the importance of a good espresso was – and is – a big deal at that particular coffee shop, so I learned quickly. That was the summer my affinity for fancy espresso drinks truly blossomed.

In the eleven years since that summer (omg WUT), I’d been an off-and-on coffee fan. Sometime in the last couple years I settled firmly in the “on” camp, and I intend to stay here. My love of espresso-based beverages, however, never waned. But somewhat recently, I developed a latte obsession that just won’t quit. In the interest of not spending a dick-load of money at coffee shops, I promised myself I’d only purchase one latte a week.

Well, I don’t want to only drink one latte a week. Obviously the best way to solve this problem is to purchase an espresso maker, right? I say yes. I looked at little stove-top guys, but I kinda really wanted a milk steamer. I then set my sights on this guy, which is also available at Target. I figured it would be a great Christmas gift. I’d worry about the counter space when the time came.

But then, fortune smiled upon me. Every year, or almost every year, my office building hosts a sample sale. The companies that show up are always the same (I don’t remember if they’re building tenants or what), and they unload their wares at low, low prices. In the past I’ve picked up various baking items I needed, or replaced worn out kitchen equipment. This year’s sample sale happened yesterday, and I purchased just two things: new drip pans for my stove (yes, I rent, but they were $3 and there are some things that I’d rather just deal with myself), and this stove-top cappuccino/latte maker. It was only $15, guys! I’m pretty excited. It basically works on pure science, and possibly witchcraft. I tested it out once last night, but the manual says to make and discard three pots before you consume one, so I didn’t actually get to taste it. I can say for sure that it was super easy, really quick, and it looked delicious. I plan on running the other two discard-pots tonight, and then I’ll probably make myself a nice evening latte. Mmm, satisfying.


Now I’m a believer

First, this link is worth a read. Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 11 Rules for Life & Work.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. I spent most of the weekend in various states of sitting, with two brief exceptions which involved vacuuming and baking cookies. Not at the same time. At one point I sat in a booth at Pizza Luce with Kate, which was a highlight.

Darren and I made a swift trip to IKEA on Thursday to exchange a faulty chair, and to get some new ones to go with the table I purchased a couple weeks ago. We left immediately after I got home from work, which meant that by the time we got out of the store we were starving. As we walked out to the parking ramp we were bitching about our hunger, and suddenly a package of Knackebrod fell from… I don’t know where. Perhaps the sky. Or the rafters, as there was still a roof over our heads. We picked it up, because it was clearly a sign from above and now obviously I believe in all things holy.


Twenty bucks for a package of big, dry crackers? Geez.

Right. So I didn’t do my little gratitude list thing last week because I am not very good at sticking to goals. Real talk, y’all. But here it is! It exists!

  • I had a $25 Michael’s gift card left over from Christmas, and I used it to buy a giant frame for the Doctor Who exploding TARDIS poster I’ve had sitting in the closet for like a year. Thanks to my cousin for the GC, and grateful for my addled mind finally realizing the perfect thing to spend it on.
  • I am grateful that at least one of our cats is not completely ridiculous (Lucy. Winston is psychotic).
  • Related: I’m so glad Enli has been aging so well. She’s not old yet, I just mean she’s a nicer dog now. 
  • I’m grateful for Lena Dunham’s Twitter feed, which I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon reading because work was so, so dead.
  • Not that I’m complaining about a slow day. Those are nice on occasion.
  • Quitting Macy’s was one of the smartest things I’ve done in terms of my own sanity.
  • Two words: Justin. Timberlake.

At the end of the day there’s another day dawning

Good news! I’m not dying. I woke up yesterday feeling much better, and so I accomplished all I was planning to do.

First, Kate and I saw Les Miserables. Oh my god, I die. My feels. Ugh.

Most of the cast was outstanding. Russell Crowe was out of his league. Javert should be menacing, almost larger than life, and completely sure of himself. Crowe’s Javert was. . . well, not. His voice was not cut out for the role at all; Kate and I found ourselves laughing at some inappropriate points because he was just not pulling it off. Aside from goddamn Russell Crowe, I had two other issues: could’ve done with fewer close-ups, and the original song was so unnecessary and boring.

But the majority of the movie was so wonderful, all else is forgiven. Kate’s review says it all, so I’ll just go ahead and send you her way. Go see this movie. Do it.

After the movie and lunch (at Flame. Always delicious), we did some shopping. Hooray for Christmas monies! I found a couple tissue cardigans on sale for $5 each at Ragstock, plus a t-shirt with a knit back that I couldn’t say no to. We also hit World Market where I spent more money than I should have but not as much as I wanted to – seriously, I die for this headboard/bed frame. It also comes in a chair and a couch. But I made it out with just a couple candles (teak and sandalwood, so manly), a piece of bird-related decor, and three kinds of ginger candy because I have an addiction.

Finally, Target, because I had a gift card that needed using. Tank tops and the black boots I’ve been wanting and there is $1.01 left on said gift card.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my little Christmas vacation. It’s basically the best way to spend the holidays. I have to work at Macy’s tomorrow, but maybe it’ll be good for me. I mean I’d rather not, but it might help for when I return to work for real on the 2nd. The second! A new year is coming, y’all! Not that you weren’t aware.

I can haz lozenge?

Welp, I am sick. And I have to work the second job tomorrow through Sunday (on Sunday, I open AND close). Lame.

Prospero’s reading of “8” on Sunday went very well. Darren had to cover for an actor who got very ill the night before. It was obviously super last minute, but he did a nice job. We had a decent turnout and I thought the post-show discussion was just fantastic. Now I just hope Tuesday goes well. I love voting, and I have the night off, which means I can watch election results. This pleases me.

Every Halloween, the building that my office is in has a pumpkin contest. They just gave out the pumpkins on Monday, so I didn’t think we’d be able to submit anything. At about 10:00 this morning, I figured I’d throw something on there and call it good.

Behold, Paisley Pumpkin.

The result of 30 minutes and a few Sharpies.

Later in the day, UPS brought me something I’ve been patiently waiting for.


In July/August, I backed a Kickstarter campaign to help Bulgarian grandmothers establish a knitting business. I’m happy to report that the project was successful. Now I have these super awesome, handmade wool socks just in time for winter. My feet are going to be so cozy.

Bloc Socks is in the process of setting up their website, as well as an Etsy page. I wish them all the success. ALL of it.

Tonight I’m going to Target to stock up on illness supplies. Caffeine-free tea, Delsym, cough drops, etc. I must suppress this thing. I must.

Just some notes.

So, good news! Darren is starting his new job tomorrow. This does mean I have to relinquish use of the car and resume taking the bus to work. Sad trombones. Especially on those 12-hour days. But he’s making more money than before, and that plus my two jobs means we’ll be able to make excellent progress with our financial goals. Adulthood win!
Unrelated: Prospero’s production of “8” is taking place on Sunday. Please come see it if you’re able. We have a very talented cast and everyone involved is just so dedicated to this entire issue. It’s pretty amazing. Oh, and the event is totally free.
Now, some frivolity.
Since I started the ol’ second job I’ve been trying not to spend too much time shopping.  That said, I’ve made a handful of purchases and have my eye on many more.
I picked up some pants, a set of makeup bags which have already been quite useful, gloves, and boots that I’ve been wearing regularly. Obviously these are all NEEDS, right?

Meanwhile, here are some things I’ve got my eye on. Yeah, those are the same boots in different colors. I have a problem. And that glorious Fossil bag is going to have to wait a long time before I can take it home. The boots too, really. Everything else? Well, we’ll see.

Hey, girl, sorry my shirt fell off.

This weekend was the best. Minus the pants shopping, but that wasn’t so terrible.

I had a Groupon for Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown, so Darren and I went for lunch on Saturday. Oh. My. Goodness.

Let’s start with the oyster appetizer. You may not know this about me, but I love oysters. Squeeze a little lemon juice on those suckers… yum.

One of our oysters was not like the others.

Please note the giant.

Darren make silly faces.

Darren had Norwegian Salmon with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes, I had the lobster roll. Darren thought his salmon was good but under-cooked. I could have sat there eating lobster rolls all day. Well, my stomach couldn’t, but my mouth wanted to.

Later, I headed over to Kate’s to help with show stuff. If you weren’t aware, Prospero is staging a reading of 8 the play next month. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, please come! You can watch the entire thing on You Tube, also. Anyway, after we wrapped that up, we walked over to Gabe’s for tots and boneless chicken wings. Tots were good, wings will never be as good as Green Mill’s diablo wings.

Today was another Kate-and-Katrina day. We hit up River Falls to check out the antique and thrift stores on Main Street. There was some kind of classic car thing going on too, which was pretty cool to look at. We ate tasty bar food and fro-yo, and did plenty of wandering. I didn’t find anything super special, but Kate picked up an awesome yellow purse. I did spot this Ryan Gosling meme-inspired sign in an antique store:

I will never get sick of Pyrex.

After I got home I decided it was time for a jaunt to Goodwill to see if I could find some pants that fit. I’ve shrunk out of most of mine (bragplaint), and need something for work that looks a little better than the baggy pants I have now. It bums me out because I love my current pants and they’re totally still wearable, but they don’t look particularly polished now that they’re so loose.

I found noting. I did grab a pair of jeans and a cute cable-knit top that actually looks good, plus a shirt for Darren. That’s enough of a win for me.

Now I’m off to do some POP Pilates and cling to the last few hours of the weekend.

vanity post

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter (or, you know, real life), you probably heard that we put one of our cats down this week. I intend to post about it soon, but I kind of can’t right now. I put up a brave front but my heart is pretty broken. Ugh.

In the meantime, I have a frivolous update. Wee! I scheduled another Stitch Fix this month, and it arrived this week.

Clockwise from top left: tunic w/ crochet details, peacock colored dress, crochet cardigan, bright-ass top with lace, & nifty stacking rings

I neglected to write down specific item details this time, but y’know.

So I kept the tunic and I’m totally wearing it right now.

I am awkward.

Just don’t look at my face. This is at the gym and I totally got busted taking this photo. Wow. But! Also featured are the BRAND NEW boots that I found at Goodwill yesterday for $7. Go me.

Anyway, about the rest of the items:

The dress was amazing. Amazing. But it was clearly meant for someone with a smaller chest than me, and didn’t fit that area right at all. Which sucked because man, so pretty.

The cardigan was okay, but the kimono sleeves made me look wide.

The pink top just looked doofy. It’s cut pretty short, so my torso looked small and it just didn’t work.

The rings were cute but I just don’t wear a lot of rings so the cost was not justifiable.

And there it is. Fun!

A lot of stuff is going on this weekend – can you say TOGA PARTY? – so I might have more stories in the future. Plus the depressing kitty post. Oof.